TINARS's Winston interviews Guy Maddin

Winston the penguin asks ten questions of director Guy Maddin for the This Is Not A Reading Series launch (May 12) of the My Winnipeg companion piece.

W: Why did you opt to write a My Winnipeg book after you made the movie? Isn’t it usually the other way around?

G: I once wrote a novelization of my movie Cowards Bend the Knee, or at least I wish I had. I published something that was more a hybrid novelization and extended treatment. It pops up on store shelves now and then. But I like the idea of companion pieces. This new book expands on My Winnipeg the movie in ways that deleted scenes on a DVD never could have. There was so much material I was dying to fit into the film, but so much of it seemed better suited to the page than the screen. Much of it was in fact unfilmable: It HAD to be written. This book was a great opportunity to fill out the history of that place — my home, my hometown, my heart — as I see it. I love ellipses, so rather than use this book to fill in filmic gaps I've used it to open up new territory riddled with even more ellipses! Now it finally feels to me like the city exists — really exists! — in an historically and mythologically complete way.

Read on at http://www.pagesbooks.ca/features.php?type=feature&id=303.

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