We’re delighted to announce that Howard Akler and the editors of The Ward (John Lorinc, Michael McClelland, Ellen Scheinberg and Tatum Taylor) are responsible for two of the five books shortlisted for the 42nd annual Toronto Book Awards!

In the midst of Canadian rock icons The Tragically Hip’s final Canadian tour, poet and co-curator of the Basement Revue Damian Rogers spoke to Maclean's about frontman Gord Downie’s relationship to poetry – more specifically, why poets love him. 

Penn Jillette, half of the TV magician duo Penn and Teller, spoke to the Boston Globe about his reading habits in anticipation of his most recent book, Presto!: How I Made 100 Pounds Disappear. 

At the end of the interesting piece, in which Jillette credits his ‘bad education’ for allowing him to only read Moby-Dick at age forty, the magician was asked what he reads when he isn't up to Melville. He answered: 

For those wondering about the state of publishing come Fall 2016, look no further than the Quill & Quire's Fall 2016 Preview (you could also check out The Millions's excellent preview for a less Canadian-centric view).

Entropy Magazine editor Janice Lee has been posting required reading lists on their blog for nearly half a year now, curating a list of excellent North American indie releases from the last couple decades. The most recent post includes Nicole Brossard's Mauve Desert, about which Lee writes:

Sarah Barmak's Closer is all over the sphere-related media outlets of Toronto today.

It hasn't even been 48 hours since the exhuberent and educational launch of Closer (we're still picking Hot Lips out of our teeth!) and there's already more good news of the Sarah Barmak variety to share. 

Everyone has heard the news and it’s inspired the same bookish panic in all of us. A strike is brewing in the hearts, minds and on contract negotiation tables of Canadian postal workers. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the town criers have been using words like ‘looming,’ which has us a little worried. But we’re forging on the only way we know how – a massive ebook sale! For the month of July, all of our ebooks will be 25% off.

CBC Books listed Closer as one of the five books they can't wait to read in July. While we're flattered that they can't wait, don't they know the importance of a slow buildup?


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