The Mother of All Sales this May

This May, thrill to The Mother of All Sales! Just in time for Mother's Day (Sunday, May 8 – you're welcome), Coach House is putting all it's mom-centric titles on sale at a maternal 25% off during the fifth month of the calendar year

But what titles qualify as mom-centric? Whether it's the work of mom-obsessed Guy Maddin in From the Atelier Tovar and My Winnipeg; Cordelia Strube's novel, Lemon, featuring a girl with three mothers; Carla Gunn's frazzled mom to an eco-conscious and precocious son in Amphibian; or the conceptual mom poem 'Nursery' in Susan Holbrook's Joy Is So Exhausting, Coach House has a mom-centric title for everyone.

Please see below list of mom-approved titles to see which books get the Mother of All Sales discount this May:

Amphibian by Carla Gunn
[Phin's mom is driven crazy by her son's environmental obsessions.]

The Drifts by Thom Vernon
[One of our four protagonists, Julie, finds herself expectant again, at forty-six. Can she be a mother again?]

From the Atelier Tovar by Guy Maddin
[Maddin's writings and diaries describe a mother obsession in full bloom.]

Joy Is So Exhausting by Susan Holbrook
[The book includes the poem, 'Nursery,' probably the funniest poem based on nursing ever written.]

Lemon by Cordelia Strube
[Lemon has three moms! That's two more than many narrators.]

The Monster Trilogy by RM Vaughan
[The collection of three plays includes 'The Susan Smith Tapes,' a play about the infamous young mother who drowned her two sons and blamed it on mysterious assailants.]

My Winnipeg by Guy Maddin
[The book features an interview between Maddin's mom and Ann Savage, who portrayed her in the film.]

The Obituary by Gail Scott
[A good portion of the book concerns the ghosts of the narrator's maternal family. There's even a photo of Gail Scott's mother on page 137!]

Sooner by Margaret Christakos
[Many of the poems in the collection talk about motherhood: its frustrations, its pragmatics, its compromises.]

What Stirs by Margaret Christakos
[Just ask 'Hoity-Toity, nine pounds, two ounces / Born to Sherry Mary and Billy Bob.' ]

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