Montreal Gazette praises Kate Hall

'Montreal poet Kate Hall is one of the rising stars of the Canadian poetry scene and her debut volume, The Certainty Dream, has been short-listed for this year’s Griffin Prize, one of the world’s richest poetry awards.

Hall’s work takes readers through a challenging, almost surreal dreamscape, where disparate fragments are juxtaposed in a manner that is at once erudite and whimsical, driving toward a new, elevated state of awareness ... Hall’s method is to vacillate between the mundane and the learned, between the personal and the communal. Her whimsical interplay between imagination and reality invokes and evokes legendary U.S. modernist poet Wallace Stevens, but, unlike Stevens, she allows her own consciousness, vulnerabilities and bewilderments to humanize her work.'

Hall will be featured at the Blue Metropolis Festival on Thursday, April 22. Click here to read more.

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