Maisonneuve features Christian Bök / Sachiko Murakami interview

As part of the upcoming Summer Literary Seminars in Montreal, some of the SLS faculty are being interviewed in Maisonneuve. In this installment, poet Sachiko Murakami (The Invisibility Exhibit) interviews Christian Bök (Eunoia) about his current project, The Xenotext Experiment:

The Xenotext certainly does extend my ongoing interest in avant-garde poetics of all sorts -- but I have always striven to ensure that each of my books remains radically different in style from its predecessor, requiring that I experiment with novel forms each time, while learning a new set of skills entirely from scratch. Each of my books, for this reason, has begun to take an increasingly longer amount of time to bring to fruition: four years (for Crystallography); seven years (for Eunoia); and so far, nine years (for The Xenotext). The trend is worrying, because I have lots of great ideas for future poetry, and at this rate of production, I may find myself unable to begin such projects before I run out of time. I tend to think of my work as a kind of "R & D" that takes place in the "skunkworks" of literature -- so that, like the scientists working at Area-51, I am trying to reverse-engineer an "alien technology" (in this case, Language itself), in order to activate, for human usage, some of the unaccessed, but otherwise superhuman, potential of such a technology.

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