Karen Hines Discusses Drama with the Calgary Herald

Playwright Karen Hines and her partner, director Blake Brooker, talk to the Calgary Herald about the process of staging Hines' newest play, Drama. Hines comments on the surreal experience of seeing a five-year writing project finally mounted onstage, while Brooker discusses the multipurpose usage of the word 'drama' itself.

Hines' Drama is also available in book form from Coach House:

“It’s weird when you’re the writer,” Hines says, “and you’ve sort of had this thing inside your brain for so long, and there it is up on the stage and people are watching.

“It’s all out there, man.”

What’s Drama: Pilot Episode, you ask? There’s no easy answer.

'Nominally, it’s a bit of an existential exploration of life in an unnamed city Hines describes as “a cross between Calgary and Gotham,” where an epidemic of soullessness breaks out, causing a lot of rootless characters to search for what the show’s director (and Hines’s longtime partner) Blake Brooker calls “depth and connectedness.”

'“Drama has elements of three (different) kinds of drama,” Brooker says. “It talks and concerns itself with a writer, a content provider, a TV writer. And, at the same time, it talks about the notion of drama in general — the philosophical notion of drama, television drama — and of course, psychological drama. Kids now use the word drama for conflict. They go, ‘No drama please. No conflict. No Drama Obama!’

'“Drama is an interesting word,” he adds. “Now it’s in the vernacular big time, right?”'

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