Jeramy Dodds interviewed in the Northern Poetry Review

Alex Boyd interviews Jeramy Dodds about his poetic style, the surreal, his influences and the cover of Crabwise to the Hounds for The Northern Poetry Review.

From the interview:

'I feel as though my "style" hasn't quite settled yet. Or if it has, it crashed into a poorly attended parade before limping off to the Azures. I'm beginning to think that the 'style' of Crabwise is a ventriloquism of that collision; I'm speaking through a collection of found sounds, memories and metaphors via an angry brass band sprawled across the thoroughfare. But even before this first collection was out, I began trying, like a good ventriloquist, to throw my 'voice' overboard. I don't want to write another Crabwise, so I'm sabotaging things a little.'

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