H Magazine interviews Gary Barwin

Gary Barwin recently spoke with Hamilton's H Magazine about poetry, his recent tour, and The Porcupinity of the Stars.

'H: Gary – your new collection of poems is entitled “The Porcupinity of the Stars” – great title! What does it mean?

Gary Barwin: Thanks! I think the job of a title is to intrigue you, to make you wonder what it might mean in the context of the book behind it. In terms of its meaning, my title makes a connection between the stars being ‘pinpricks’ and the needles of a porcupine. The stars prickle out from the dark hide of the sky the way the needles of a porcupine shine out from a porcupine. Or else it means that the baleful gopher of interstellar space longs to be needled by the porcupine and its propinquity to the luminous constellations of our own mortality. At least that’s what my mom said.'

Read the whole interview here.

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