The Globe and Mail takes an interest in Stroll City

This weekend (Saturday, May 28, 2011), the Globe and Mail wrote about Shawn Micallef's involvement in the Stroll City project:

[From the Globe and Mail.]

Shawn Micallef sees his Twitter feed as a public notebook. As he walks around Toronto and shares his discoveries about the city, he gets feedback, criticism and new facts and anecdotes from his followers. And his tweets leave behind a digital record of the places he's been.

"That's the wonderful thing about Twitter. It leaves a trail -- kind of like a virtual breadcrumb trail through the city," he says. The author of Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto, Mr. Micallef has spent years writing about the city in both long-form articles and 140-character bursts.

Though he uses his personal Twitter account to make Toronto observations and "post links, yell at people and badger politicians," this June he'll be tweeting from the @StrollCity account in an effort to get more Torontonians to talk about their city.

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's claim that his best work was a six-word short story, Sharon Switzer of Art for Commuters came up with the Stroll City project to bring short stories about Toronto to the 300 Onestop Media screens located across the city on TTC subway platforms. The program debuted for two weeks last fall and is back for a longer run this summer, running from June 1 to 22.

[Read the full article at the Globe and Mail.]

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