Enter Maisonneuve's Pulpy and Midge 'Bad Boss' Contest

To celebrate the publication of Pulpy and Midge, the great magazine Maisonneuve wants you to enter their Pulpy and Midge 'Bad Boss' Contest by sending them your tyrannical boss stories!

Make up the names, don't mention the company (we're not looking to get sued here), and send us your harrowing tales of terrible, incompetent and just plain sadistic bosses. The top three entries will be published on the Maisonneuve website and will receive a copy of the brand-new novel, Pulpy and Midge.

Visit maisonneuve.org for all the details, and be sure to check in each week during September. Maisonneuve will be publishing excerpts from Pulpy and Midge online, a new section each week.

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