The National Post tours Sean Dixon's Kensington Market

Coach House author Sean Dixon talks to the National Post about
acting in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale and staging a Fringe play, Horse, outside the Kensington Market apartment where he used to live:

We pause at the Moonbeam Café on St. Andrew Street, where Dixon sips a double machiatto and explains why The Winter’s Tale is perhaps one of Shakespeare’s more hotly contested if lesser-known plays. “There’s always been the debate about whether it’s a comedy, a tragedy, a romance,” Dixon explains. “And it’s got some of the most unusual, compelling elements, like the stage direction ‘Exeunt, pursued by a bear.’ ”

We head down the street to take in outdoor theatre of a different ilk. The author of Horse, playwright Ned Dickens, is a good friend of Dixon’s, and says the play we are about to see was inspired in part by living in the Market and working with neighbourhood at-risk youth.

Dixon lives in Roncesvalles now, but as we sit down in the makeshift theatre, his affection for his former neighbourhood is evident. He points to the fire escape that will soon be populated by actors: “That’s the entrance to my place,” he whispers.

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