Final Cooking in the Edible City episode posted!

Open Book: Toronto has teamed up with Coach House Books to present an online and very Toronto cooking series featuring contributors from The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork.

Toronto authors Kathryn Borel Jr., Rea McNamara (with her cousin Kiel Brathwaite) and Kat Gligorijevic are the stars of this hugely charming and informative series, showing us how to make Apple-Cornbread-Sausage Stuffing, Roti and the Toronto Cocktail, respectively.

All three episodes of Cooking in the Edible City were filmed by Vepo Studios at Toronto’s Dish Cooking Studio on Dupont Street, and a new one will be posted each week at

Up first, Kathryn Borel Jr. and her saucy Stuffing segment:

And now, Rea McNamara and Kiel Brathwaite make roti:

Last but not least, Kat Gligorijevic makes a Toronto cocktail:


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