Ebooks now available!

Coach House is offering ebooks of selected titles for all of your digital reading needs!

You can download ebooks of some of your favourite Coach House Books in uPDF format and read them on your desktop, your laptop or one of your many portable reading devices. The first batch of ebooks features the titles Amphibian (Carla Gunn), Expressway (Sina Queyras), Girls Fall Down (Maggie Helwig), Hagiography (Jen Currin), The Hayflick Limit (Matthew Tierney), The Mitochondrial Curiosities of Marcels 1 to 19 (Jocelyn Brown), The Pochsy Plays (Karen Hines), The State of the Arts (Dovercourt, Palassio and Wilcox, eds), The Steve Machine (Mike Hoolboom) and Your Secrets Sleep With Me (Darren O'Donnell).

Download the ebooks from our online ebook catalogue or from each title's own web page. And watch for more announcements of new ebooks and ebook formats.