The Coach House website is (re)born.

Welcome to the brand-new Coach House website. Some keen observers may be thinking "hey, that looks a lot like the old site", and they wouldn't be wrong. This time around we've concentrated on rebuilding the website from the ground up, taking advantages of new technologies and approaches that hadn't been invented when our site first went up in 1997.

Stay tuned for an guided tour of the new site. Right now, the site is definitely in ‘beta’ mode - there is a lot of testing left to do, known issues to resolve and piles of content to put up. You are a de facto beta tester - so please send us a note if things aren't working quite right (let us know what operating system and browser you are using as well to help us correct the problem)

In the meantime, feel free to poke around and see what you can find. We'll be putting content up daily, including both new and archival material, so there's plenty of reasons to return.