Coach House titles make more 'Best of 2009' lists

As 2009 draws to a close, many publications are compiling their lists of the best books of 2009. And Coach House is delighted to find several of our titles making those various 'Best of 2009' lists.

Christian Bök's Eunoia appeared on the the National Post's list of the top ten Canadian books of the decade.

'The idea of this book divided even the people who never read it. That's real success. Eunoia marked the battle lines of this decade by making the faux weirdos of the 1990s look like the slumming rich kids they were, as well as opening up the gates for recent conceptual work that dares to state the obvious: Words are just words, and that's their power.'

Xtra! listed two Coach House titles in their 'Best of 2009' list. Sina Queyras's Expressway was recommended:

'A booklength work in the tradition of the Canadian long poem, Expressway tackles big subjects, from urban life to personal loss, with expertise. Nominated for the Governor General's Literary Awards, the book creeps through its early sections laying the groundwork for its stranger second half. Queyras, a Montreal-based poet and critic, writes circles around her contemporaries.'

As was Mike Hoolboom's novel, The Steve Machine (technically published in 2008):

'A hallucinogenic and slightly Jesus-like video artist rescues a newly-diagnosed PWA and helps him to shed his anger and self-pity. Or does he? The title character is named for real-life video artist Steve Reinke, but the novel's Reinke is a bizarre blur, more spirit than plot point. His uninhibited, laissez-faire attitude and sexual bravado both attract and repel the narrator. Then, about two thirds of the way through, the snake eats its own tail and the blend of gritty realism and comic absurdity comes to a pleasingly emotional conclusion.'

Lisa Robertson's Magenta Soul Whip was included on Verse's list of recommended books of 2009

Matthew Tierney's The Hayflick Limit featured in Carmine Starnino's 'Best of 2009' list on the Vehicule Press blog.

The National Post's Mark Medley featured Carla Gunn's Amphibian in his Ten Best of 2009. And Gunn's debut novel was also one of the Shelf Monkey's best reads of the past year.

Winnipeg's Uptown declared Mike Blouin's Chase & Haven ('a beautifully sympathetic portrait of the strength and failures of sibling love') and Cordelia Strube's Lemon ('one of the most vivid fictional creations I've encountered in a while') as two of the year's best.

And finally, Guy Maddin's film My Winnipeg (Coach House published the book) appeared on Roger Ebert's list of the top ten movies of the decade.

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