Coach House Offers Free Digital Downloads with Print Purchase!

Coach House now offers free digital downloads with the purchase of any print edition (provided, of course, the book currently exists in e-format). You buy one of our print books, the electronic book is yours for the taking.

Sounds great, but how does it work? One of two ways:

1) When you order a book from the Coach House online store, you'll automatically be sent a link for a secure download of the epub edition. This automated process will begin later in February, so until then, one of the friendly Coach House staff members will send you an email following your order with further directions.

2) If you buy our books in a bookstore (an activity we highly recommend), you can also obtain a digital download. Starting this spring, all new books or printings will feature a unique code and instructions (on the copyright page) on how to claim your free digital download. For previously printed books, please email us at with (a) the title, (b) the store name, (c) your transaction number and (d) your preference of ebook format: PDF or epub.

That's all there is to it.