Coach House launches Exploded Views imprint

January 21, 2013 — Coach House Books is thrilled to introduce a new series of non-fiction books, Exploded Views. Curated and edited by Jason McBride, it's a series of books on cultural issues meant to occupy that space between a magazine essay and an exhaustive tome — not a 45 or an LP, but maybe an EP.

The Exploded Views books will emphasize creative non-fiction and lyrical journalism on a wide variety of subjects. Two will be launched each August and January, starting in August 2013. They will be affordably priced, with a simultaneously launching ebook.

Launching August 2013:

  • Jeet Heer, In Love with Art: Francoise Mouly's Adventures in comics with art spiegelman
  • Sarah Liss, Army of Lovers: A Community History of Will Munro, the artist, activist, impresario and civic hero who brought together Toronto’s club kids, art fags, hardcore boys, drag queens, bitchy queens, grassroots queers, crafty dykes, gender warriors, café loiterers, park-sex aficionados, rock ’n’ roll lovers, needlework obsessives, limpwristed nellies, stone butches, new wave freaks, unabashed perverts, proud prudes and beautiful dreamers

Launching January 2014:

  • Geoff Pevere, The Gods of the Hammer: The Teenage Head Story
  • Shawn Micallef, The Trouble with Brunch: Class, Fashion and the Pursuit of Leisure

Jason McBride is a Toronto-based editor and writer, and a regular contributor to Hazlitt, Toronto Life, Maclean's, the Globe and Mail and Cinema Scope, among others. He is a co-founding editor of the uTOpia series at Coach House Books.

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