Claudia Dey interviewed by the Calgary Herald

On Thursday, May 15, Claudia Dey was interviewed by Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald about her novel Stunt, and it's launch at Pages Books on Kensington:

Here's a sample:

What's Stunt? It's a bit of a fever dream set in, of all places, Toronto. Somehow, Toronto filtered through the vivid imagination of Claudia Dey, has been transformed, a la Ondaatje, or even Gabriel Garcia Marquez, into a wild, raw, mysterious place filled with idiosyncratic characters.

'It started with an image of a girl on a tightrope, walking above a neighborhood in Toronto called Kensington Market,' says Dey. 'It's like a compressed version of the entire world. And the image was very, very persistent. I took notes, and eventually, certain plot points became clear. Like, that the father disappears. That her correspondence with Finbar begins and that she meets this kind of mysterious treasure hunter.'

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