Christian Bök talks to the Telegraph Journal

Prior to his appearance at Moncton's Frye Festival, Christian Bök answered a few questions from the Telegraph Journal. Here's an excerpt:

Christian Bök asked Santa Claus for a typewriter when he was four years old. He got one and hasn't stopped writing ...

... As an experimental poet, Bök is quirky. He's the sort of writer that extends beyond the page; in fact his work truly comes to life when performed. He blurs genres and pushes boundaries. Part poetic, part rhapsodic, Bök is an unforgettable reader. His voice booms and he presents with vigour and unbending enthusiasm.

Upon reflection, Bök recalls the reason he writes poetry, a genre that often escapes many readers.
'I decided, foolishly, to do what would make me happy rather than what would make me money,' he says.

As a contemporary poet, Bök makes his living as a professor, teaching creative writing and poetry, at the University of Calgary. He finds academia and art crucial to one another, as the relationships are reliant on each other.

'I feel that there exists a kind of vampiric symbiosis between these two commitments,' he writes, explaining the balance between teaching and writing. 'They cannot survive without each other, but they must nevertheless drain each other of energy in order to live.'

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