Canadian Master Designer Glenn Goluska dies of Cancer at Age 64

Last Saturday, Glenn Goluska, veteran typesetter and designer for Coach House, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and McGill-Queen's University Press, passed away after a short struggle with cancer.

While working at a foreign-language typesetting company in his native Chicago, Goluska took a brief trip to Toronto (where he'd previously attended university) and landed an impromptu job at Coach House - a move that cemented his lifelong commitment to Canada. During his time at Coach House, he designed the covers for bpNichol's Journal and Continuum, as well as numerous other literary publications. He later moved to Montreal, and stationed his own artisanal imprint, Imprimerie Dromadaire, at a studio near the Lachine Canal. Goluska was both an innovator and a traditionalist, whose command of the letterpress and Linotype enabled him to do cutting-edge work that nevertheless maintained his characteristic vintage charm. He worked on numerous commissioned letterpress pieces and broadsides, including Margaret Atwood's Scott Joplin and the late Robert Kroetsch's Liebhaber's Wood Type. Earlier this year, Goluska won the Robert R. Reid Award and Medal for exceptional work in book art, an honour that is bestowed only occasionally in recognition of a lifetime's achievement. Goluska was also a teacher and guest lecturer, whose work has undoubtably influenced a generation of new Canadian designers.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia's Robert Stacey, Goluska was part of a small group of Canadian typesetters responsible for preserving the intregrity of traditional design in print culture. And in the opinion of Gaspereau Press's Andrew Steeves, Goluska was "one of the most astonishing typographic designers I’ve encountered in this country." To read Steeves's full article, click here.