Canadian Bookshelf Considers Coach House's Unacknowledged Contributions to Genre Fiction

In an article for Canadian Bookshelf, author Leah Bobet discusses the growing trend toward 'genre bilingualism' in Canadian literature. Her term refers to books that simultaneously inhabit the realms of literary and genre fiction. Many of her favourite such titles are Coach House novels, including Andrew Kaufman's hilarious mock-epic All My Friends are Superheroes, Sean Dixon's urban fable The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn, Suzette Mayr's sci-fi inflected high school drama Monoceros and the work of Maggie Helwig, author of Girls Fall Down:

'We have a tradition of the fabulist, the weird, the balls-out proud literary fantastic in Canada .... Sean Dixon's The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn... firmly embrace[s] it.

'This year, a book about the suicide of a gay teenager and being free in your own skin that's also a book about unicorns, and completely approached through the metaphors and symbol sets of science fiction, made the Giller longlist (no, really, ask me about the science-fictional reading of Monoceros sometime. It's thematically complete, and makes that book even more perfect).'

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