Broaden your Horizons with our Diversified Portfolio Sale!

In celebration of our ebook expansion, we've got a gem of an ebook deal happening this July. It's our Diversified Portfolio Sale! If you order any two print books from our online site, we'll deliver you the ebook of your choice absolutely free! It's our way of introducing you to some of the excellent ebooks we have available. Once you've ordered two print books from the site, simply email us at and let us know what free ebook you'd like to receive. We'll email it to you, along with a big thanks.

Think of the possibilities! You can choose the ebook version of one of those print editions, so you can read the book in its original format, on your computer or on the e-reading device of your choice. Check for pesky typos and slight changes in formatting! Or you can choose an entirely different ebook and get
a new book for free! Why not select Clockfire and The Porcupinity of the Stars in their print editions and When Fenelon Falls in epub format? Or vice versa? You can do whatever your heart desires and run wild ordering our handsome trade paperbacks and modern, sleek epubs and PDFs. The future is so bright, you'll have to wear shades, Coach House friends!