Coach House Books & ECW Press join forces for Indie Love-In Sale!

Two of Canada's finest independent presses jump on the merger bandwagon ... sort of.

Random House and Penguin decided to make their union official. HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster have been talking about tying the knot, too. Why should the multinational publishers hog the society pages? Canadian indies have been sharing the love for a long time, though living in sin (which is just how we like it). So this December, we're making things a (little) bit more official with our good friends at ECW Press.

As a declaration of Coach House and ECW's undying love, we're holding our Indie Love-In Sale! This is a cross-publisher sale where readers can buy books from each indie Canadian press and save with a sweet package deal. You get to play matchmaker in our inter-house romance: pick one Coach House title and one ECW title, and get the two books for the low price of $28!

For our Indie Love-In Sale, we’re offering up a bevy of our recent titles and long-time favourites. Don't you think they'd make adorable couples?

Just consider the potential celeb couple names – Li'l Carnivore! A Week of Maidenhead! Instruction Manual for Mad Hope! Until January 31, you can mix and match Coach House and ECW titles for just one low price. At Coach House and ECW, we think it's the perfect time to highlight the Canadian indies' solidarity and strength. And the Love-In Sale is just one way we're doing that.

Order direct from the Coach House website and get your Indie Love-In Sale package for just $28. (Shipping not included.) We may be introducing more sales between indie publishers in the new year, so stay tuned!

Find out more about each of the twenty books included in the Indie Love-In Sale here. And once you've decided, order the books here.