Jul 7 | The Scream Wake / Final Episode Retrospective

July 7, 2011 - 8:00pm - 11:30pm

On Thursday, July 7, The Lounge (99 Sudbury Street) hosts The Scream Wake / Final Episode Retrospective. Akin to a clip show of Family Matters or one of your other favourite sitcoms, the event will feature live re-enactments of some of your favourite moments of Screams past: Gerry Shikatani will read all 300 pages of Aqueduct in the span of 5 minutes, Tony Burgess and Derek McCormack will perform your favourite songs from the hit musical Die, Scream! Die!, Lisa Foad will read things, many more things will happen.

The Scream Wake / Final Episode Retrospective
Featuring Kevin Connolly, Lisa Foad, Jay MillAr (The Ghosts of Jay MillAr), Stuart Ross, Jessica Westhead (Pulpy & Midge) and way more
The Lounge, 99 Sudbury Street
8 p.m., pay what you can
thescream.ca for more information

The Lounge
99 Sudbury Street
Toronto, ON
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