The Coach House Commitment

The only relationship you should be in.

$35.00 CAD

David McGimpsey loves noodles, and we love David McGimpsey. To celebrate David's A.M. Klein Poetry Prize win, we're bundling together three of his books into one all-star package: it's like getting Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Shania Twain together to cover 'With A Little Help From my Friends' (sorry, Dave.) 

$60.00 CAD

Love lemurs? Ligers? Llamas? Lhasa Apsos? Fall to pieces for fuzzy creatures? Then this commitment is for you! Stop watching that puppy cam and listen up! For a measly $60, including all shipping and taxes, get four of our favourite animal titles. Shake a claw with Crabwise to the Hounds. Peck away at the Milk Chicken Bomb. Howl with joy while reading Lemon Hound.

$70.00 CAD

Feelin' meta? Well, have we got the commitment for you! Snap it up and you'll get Nicole Brossard's Mauve Desert, Sean Dixon's The Girls Who Saw Everything, Rob Budde's The Dying Poem and Mike Hoolboom's The Steve Machine. For the book lover in your life.

$65.00 CAD

Five Griffin Poetry Prize-nominated books (and two winners). $65. What are you waiting for?

$100.00 CAD

It's the cheapest date you'll find in the city. Five books, one hundred smackers: well worth skipping out on those three martinis at the Drake.

Sign up for the Toronto Commitment and receive uTOpia, GreenTOpia, Concrete Toronto, HtO and The Edible City.

$70.00 CAD

Toronto plays itself in these four great novels. From the ravines to the Island and Kensington Market, you'll be amazed at the places you'll go while reading The City Man, by Howard Akler, Stunt, by Claudia Dey, Girls Fall Down, by Maggie Helwig and Your Secrets Sleep With Me, by Darren O'Donnell.