Coach House profiled by the Toronto Star

Coach House editor-in-chief Alana Wilcox and managing editor Christina Palassio were featured in a Toronto Star article profiling Torontonians on 'the front lines of Toronto culture.'

'No publisher has staked a firmer claim to its place in Toronto culture than Coach House Books.

What, after all, is more iconic than a small but celebrated press that publishes and prints its books in an actual coach house located on a Toronto laneway named after one of the city's patron literary saints, bpNichol?

In recent years, under the guidance of editor-in-chief Alana Wilcox and managing editor Christina Palassio, Coach House has both deepened and widened its connection to its hometown with a series of non-fiction titles desitned to reflect Toronto's many dimensions ... Coach House will wrap up the uTOpia series in the fall with Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto, an activist manifesto promoting personal initiative edited by Dave Meslin.

'After that, we might find another format to express how the city is going forward,' Palassio says. 'But we certainly aren't going to stop doing Toronto books.''

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