New Motor Queen City

ISBN-10: 1552450457
ISBN-13: 9781552450451
144 pp, Paperback
Jan 19 1998
$19.95 CAD

Super Octane Girls get down tonite! Coach House Books has unleashed the omnibus edition of Patricia Seaman's New Motor Queen City on an unsuspecting world.

Previously printed as a limited edition series of chapbooks, all eight chapters of New Motor Queen City are now available in one volume: The Further Adventures of Elvis, HardOn RoadKillers, Requiem for Pussy, Calling Dr. Feelgood, Love Runaway, Nice Guy Seeks Special Lady, Currency for the Otherworld, and Attack of the God of Joy.

Take your hint from the second law of thermodynamics: Hot gets cold, but cool is forever, baby. Get into New Motor Queen City now.

'Seaman juxtaposes the rhetoric of society with its crass, crude underbelly; the text is always surprising not in the least because of the shocking stitching of American cultural icons, crude language, ... drug culture and promiscuous sex with hard-core feminist theory and writerly dilemmas.' (Beehive Magazine)