Martyrology Books 3 & 4

ISBN-10: 1552450880
ISBN-13: 9781552450888
144 pp, Paperback
Jan 19 1998
$16.95 CAD
Note: This title is now also available as a digital eBook.

‘All of Nichol’s work is stamped by his desire to create texts that are engaging in themselves as well as in context, and to use indirect structural and textual devices to carry meaning. In The Martyrology different ways of speaking testify to a journey through different ways of being. Language is both the poet’s instructor and, through its various permutations, the dominant ‘image’ of the poem. The [nine] books of The Martyrology document a poet’s quest for insight into himself and his writing through scrupulous attention to the messages hidden in the morphology of his own speech.’ — Frank Davey