A House of White Rooms

ISBN-10: 1552450597
ISBN-13: 9781552450598
72 pp, Paperback
Jan 19 1998
$16.95 CAD

Deliver me
from this saturate darkness.

My outstretched hand
clenches into a fist: fingernails biting into hunger

Reading A House of White Rooms is like strolling through a house of memory, where every poem, every page, is another white room. The writing is lyrical, spare, inventive - it will take you through family, through love, through history and bring you to a place where memory is reality.

Whether Tsiriotakis is wandering the foothills of Greece or the valleys of love, her language is fresh and thoughtful; she rolls it around on your tongue as though it were at the same time profoundly familiar and completely foreign. Rich and dense as baklava, smooth and sharp as olive oil, Tsiriotakis's poetry is absolutely unforgettable.

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