Full Frontal T.O.

ISBN-10: 1552452573
ISBN-13: 9781552452578
156 pp, Paperback
May 1 2012
$24.95 CAD
Exploring Toronto's Architectural Vernacular
Photographs by
Text by

Winner of the 2013 Heritage Toronto Award of Excellence!
Shortlisted for the 2013 Toronto Book Award

The Toronto streetscape: how it looks, lives and changes over time. Documented in over 400 photographs.

For over thirty years, Patrick Cummins has been wandering the streets of Toronto, taking mugshots of its houses, variety stores, garages and ever-changing storefronts. Straightforward shots chronicle the same buildings over the years, or travel the length of a block, facade by facade. Other sections collect vintage Coke signs on variety stores or garage graffiti. Unlike other architecture books, Full Frontal T.O. looks at buildings that typically go unexamined, creating a street-level visual history of Toronto. Full Frontal T.O. features over four hundred gorgeous photos of Toronto’s messy urbanism, with accompanying text by master urban explorer Shawn Micallef (Stroll).

Be sure to visit the Full Frontal T.O. blog, where you can post your comments about various photos and buildings featured within the book:


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