Hypotheticals (ePub ebook)

ISBN-10: 1770562990
ISBN-13: 9781770562998
96 pp, Digital ePub
Dec 1 2011
$10.95 CAD
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At the heart of all matter
is a single immutable point

Listen, climb in, I'll show you
what I mean by

In many respects, people look to science to explain their world. But while science has proven itself a useful metaphor, it has just as often been exposed as being as fallible as the flawed humans who lean on it. Newcomer Leigh Kotsilidis's lively, thoughtful and refreshingly speculative first collection engages and questions the linguistic roots of 'the hypothetical,' both as they apply to the scientific method and its faith in certainty, and to the word's alternate meaning, as something that is merely 'supposed to be true,' and often, over time, is proved false.

Under the poet's wide-angled, open-hearted, open-minded gaze, scientific method slowly begins to mirror the dark art of poetry, reinforcing what we believe about ourselves and the world one minute, then abruptly throwing everything into question.

'There's a beautiful recklessness in the combination Leigh Kotsilidis imagines, careful invitations in the sounds and shapeliness that let understanding not be reduced or distorted. These poems wrangle with the vocabularies of explanation, pronouncement, commerce, argument and fact, allowing them, more often than not, to self-destruct, so that we can glimpse in the rubble and wreckage and aftershocks something we are not always in a position to remember.' – Dara Wier