ISBN-10: 9781552452998
ISBN-13: 9781552452998
144 pp, Paperback
Sep 30 2014
$13.95 CAD
How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else
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National Post best art book of 2014
ICA Bookshop Best Book of the year 2015
Nominee for the Melva J. Dwyer Award 2015

Now that we 'curate' even lunch, what happens to the role of the connoisseur in contemporary culture?

‘Curate’ is now a buzzword, applied to everything from music festivals to artisanal cheese. Inside the art world, the curator reigns supreme, acting as the face of high-profile group shows and biennials in a way that can eclipse and assimilate the contributions of individual artists. Curatorial-studies programs continue to grow, and the business world is adopting curation as a means of adding value to content. Everyone, it seems, is a curator.

But what is a curator, exactly? And what does the explosive popularity of curating say about our culture’s relationship with taste, labour and the avant-garde? In this vibrant, revelatory and original study, David Balzer travels through art history and around the globe to explore the cult of curation, from superstar curator Hans Ulrich Obrist’s war with sleep to Subway’s ‘sandwich artists.’ Recalling such landmark works of cultural criticism as Tom Wolfe’s The Painted Word and John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, Curationism will change the way you look at art – and maybe even the way you see yourself.


‘This is an unusual art book. It is a book you should read and one that you can. Balzer traces the history and current hegemony of curationism, a practice of jumped-up interior decorators who double as priests explaining the gospel to the unlettered masses. A good read, if you don’t mind reading things that you don’t want to know.’ – Dave Hickey

'Truly engaging.' – Publishers Weekly

'Balzer writes with zest, skepticism and sly humour as he tracks the rise of the "star curator" as marking the end of any possible avant-garde. Curationism is a memorable exploration that will change how you see so many daily activities. I loved this brilliant book.' – Sheila Heti

'Insightful, provocative and entertaining.' – Art Review

'Curationism shines.' – Broken Pencil

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