The Brave Never Write Poetry

ISBN-10: 155245245X
ISBN-13: 9781552452455
104 pp, Paperback
Apr 15 2011
$17.95 CAD
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    The brave ride streetcars to jobs
    early in the morning, have traffic accidents,
    rob banks. The brave have children, relationships,
    mortgages. The brave never write these things
    down in notebooks. The brave die and they are

First published in 1985, when Daniel Jones was just twenty-six, The Brave Never Write Poetry, the poet/critic/novelist’s lone collection of poems, was a cult hit, turning ‘poetry’ on its head before its author (then known simply as ‘Jones’) swore off verse entirely. Written in a direct, plainspoken, autobiographical and at times confessional style in the tradition of Charles Bukowski and Al Purdy, these confrontational poems about sex and boredom, drugs and suicide, document Jones’ depressive, alcoholic years as an enfant terrible.

This long overdue revised edition brings Jones’ unforgettable voice to a new generation of readers and includes the complete text of the original collection (including Jones’ own sardonic assessments of his own poetry) and a new postscript essay by poet/critic Kevin Connolly.

‘Reading The Brave Never Write Poetry is a little like reliving an adolescent crush – there is still something irresistible in a bad boy, especially one with literary talent.’ – New Pages Review

‘Gritty, honest, and caustic ... Reading it is like stumbling over someone’s opened journal.’
National Post

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