Coach House Contributors on the Web
Margaret Atwood
Jonathan Ball
David Balzer

Gary Barwin's poetry blog includes both sketches and new writing, and is well worth a visit.

Gary Barwin
Rob Benvie
Nicolas Billon

Visitors to Heather Birrell's website will have the opportunity to read excerpts of her books, listen to online readings and find out about upcoming events.
Heather Birrell

Before Coach House author Michael Blouin wrote Chase and Haven he published I'm not going to lie to you, a collection of poetry with Pedlar Press. Blouin's blog includes lots of poetry, as well as information about upcoming events.
Michael Blouin
Joseph Boyden

Dree is a quirky fifteen-year-old with a love of sock puppets. She is also the heroine of Jocelyn Brown's latest novel, The Mitochondrial Curiosities of Marcels 1 to 19. Check out Dree's blog for some killer craft ideas.
Jocelyn Brown