Academic Portal

Over the decades, Coach House Books has built an impressive roster of titles perfect for use in postsecondary education. We offer titles ideal for use in programs and courses from Canadian Literature and Urban Studies to Film and Environmental Studies.

Exam/Desk Copy Requests

Coach House is pleased to offer complimentary examination andcopies to qualified instructors in Canada and the U.S. who are considering a title for course adoption, and desk copies for adopted titles. Please fill out our Exam/Desk Copy Request Form.

Alternatively, if you are a U.S. professor or instructor requesting books from multiple publishers, you may place your request through our U.S. distributor's academic web portal. Visit to browse a list of our available titles. Please fill out our Exam/Desk Copy Request Form if you do not see the title(s) you are looking for.

Academic Samplers

Instructors can also download our academic samplers in a variety of subjects to help them make their decisions. We've created PDFs in several different genres, each including information on a selection of titles and short excerpts from those titles. Feel free to download away and sample some of our books!

Architecture Sampler (5.7 MB)

Drama Sampler (26.7 MB)

Fiction Sampler (21 MB)

Nonfiction Sampler (7.4 MB)

Poetry Sampler (7 MB)